User Representation
Business owners face a myriad of ongoing real estate issues. The cost, function and appearance of their facilities must at all times be compared to other available alternatives in light of their business needs. Traditional real estate brokerage and consulting is focused on creating value in real estate. Palmaple Corp. is focused on creating value in the businesses we represent by making real estate decisions with an understanding of their business, customers and competition. Our evaluation process and access to the most current market information ensures that our clients will make the best decisions with regard to their facilities. Whether you own or lease your real estate you need an advocate to provide you with options as your business needs change.

Portfolio Management
Businesses with multiple facilities require a means to store and analyze property data and to relate the data to their business. Palmaple Corp. works with our clients to design systems and strategies that help control costs as well as evaluate how each facility contributes to the bottom line. A detailed understanding of the function of each facility and the goal it represents for the business help us create benchmarks for performance. While the benchmarks are most often established to control costs, they are also used to evaluate non financial goals such as market share, customer satisfaction and speed to market. A strong portfolio management system helps ensure that your real estate decisions are in line with your business plan.

As communities and real estate markets change over time the value of properties and best use of properties change as well. Business owners whose facilities are located in real estate markets that do not conform to their use often trap value. Palmaple Corp. works with clients to identify and release trapped value through redevelopment. The process of creating a development team of architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys and sources of capital to maximize profit is how we create value. Each member of the team must be experienced and provide a critical role in the process. Evaluating the potential of a development project and the ability to successfully deliver a finished product on time and on schedule is what defines a strong development partner.